Published on 01-04-2024
April – Down to Earth Month
California Wine Community’s Commitment to Sustainability Embraces Earth Day Ethos

April is the perfect time to support California wineries by attending one of the earth-friendly experiences or enjoying a celebratory glass of wine.

California is a global leader in sustainable winegrowing in both vineyards and wineries. As the fourth largest wine-producing region in the world, California has the most comprehensive and widely adopted sustainability certification programs. The California wine community celebrates its dedication to protecting the land, communities and wine industry for future generations during Down to Earth Month in April.
Sustainable winegrowing can include Biodynamic®, organic and regenerative farming practices. No matter the name, the goal is to grow and craft quality winegrapes and wine while protecting the environment, being a good neighbor and employer and maintaining thriving family farms and businesses.


Down to Earth Month

The 13th annual California Wines Down to Earth Month kicks off in April with sustainability-focused wine events and offers across the state, including Earth Day festivals, vineyard hikes, food and wine events, eco-tours and more. Created by Wine Institute, the association of more than 1,000 California wineries, the month-long celebration highlights the winemaking community’s commitment to protecting the environment, being a good neighbor and producing high-quality wines with sustainable farming and business practices.


Down to Earth Month

For growers and vintners in the Golden State, adopting sustainable winegrowing methods began as far back as the late 1950s with educational initiatives. Since then, they have demonstrated a firm dedication to sustainability and transparency, as demonstrated by broad participation in numerous educational and certification programs that promote the adoption of sustainable vineyard and winery practices aimed at conserving water and energy, maintaining healthy soil, protecting air and water quality and enhancing relations with neighbors. 


Down to Earth Month

Today, wineries certified under the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance’s Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing program produce more than 80% of California’s total wine. California Winegrowers’ innovation and adoption of these practices has resulted in wide and meaningful impacts.


Outside of wineries, other supporters of Down to Earth month include restaurants, retail establishments, regional associations, distributors and hotel partners in California and throughout the U.S.
To view Down to Earth Month events happening across the state, visit discovercaliforniawines.com/d2e.



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