Published on 31-10-2023
Don Eats! Breakfast

Breakfast gets you ready for a great day of enjoying wine country! Whether it’s a day sampling world-class wines and food, taking a hot-air balloon ride, bicycling through pastoral areas, or other activities the area has to offer, breakfast is a great way to start your adventurous day. Napa and Sonoma counties offer up some great breakfast spots –cool, quirky, local, creative, fun, and delicious ...
Let’s check some out!


Boon Fly Cafe  |  Napa

Boon Fly Cafe  |  Napa

Boon Fly Café describes themselves as “serving modern rustic cuisine in a contemporary roadhouse atmosphere.” Named after Boon Fly (a pioneer who planted orchards and vineyards in the area in the mid-1800s), this local, casual restaurant simply screams great food, fun, and hospitality. Located midway between Napa and Sonoma, if you want a place to start your day with a smile and satisfy your every breakfast whim – Boon Fly will do that. The menu offers delectable choices, but upon being seated, ask your server to bring an order of Boon Fly Donuts! Just trust me here, please. Follow up with Boon Fly Benedict or Breakfast Burrito-or any of the other enticing menu items. Starting the day at Boon Fly Café will definitely nourish the body and soul and start off your wine-country day with a smile (and full belly).


Bouchon Bakery  |  Yountville

Bouchon Bakery  |  Yountville

Bouchon Bakery has been tantalizing locals and visitors alike for twenty years. This is more than just a French-style boulangerie to go to purchase fresh artisan bread, sweets, tarts, croissants, or even sandwiches. Bouchon Bakery is an iconic Napa (Yountville) legendary destination. Come for your early morning coffee with accompaniment. Take out or sit in the courtyard savoring your bakery item as you people watch and inhale the scent of fresh baked goods. Bouchon is an institution to savor and not to be missed.


Petite Soleil  |  Napa

Petite Soleil  |  Napa

Petite Soleil is indeed a slice of sunshine. OK, let’s start off with Don’s wife’s favorite (or do I say obsession): The lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes. Begin with fresh orange juice or a mimosa – as you peruse the salivating menu. You’re going to want to make this a regular so you can try everything. And, if you order any dish where a side is offered, upgrade to the light, fluffy biscuits. Sit outside and enjoy the morning and when the food is presented, you may just want to take a picture before you lovingly take that first bite, which will be as good (or better) than it looks. Local favorites include the Eggs Benedict with Country Potatoes, or the Kitchen Sink Skillet Scramble  with everything but the kitchen sink! The lunch menu is as enticing as the breakfast menu from fresh and light salad options (Strawberry Beet Salad) to traditional sandwiches and burgers with a twist (Jalapeño Popper Fried Chicken Sando). Where there is a side choice, go for the house-fried potato chips. You’ll want to come back again and again for this slice of sunshine no matter the weather.


Model Bakery  |  St. Helena & Napa

Model Bakery  |  St. Helena, Yountville & Napa

Model Bakery (est. 1908) is the place to go to fill your craving for freshly baked, amazing pastries. You’ll find an ample selection of fresh out-of-the-oven French pastries, scones, croissants, and muffins, but their claim to fame is (Oh My God!) their English muffins! Forget anything you assume about English muffins … because these are THE BEST! Even Oprah agrees: “I dare you to find a better English muffin than these,” (Oprah’s Favorite Things, 2021). Start your day at Model Bakery with a delicious English muffin, other baked goods, or freshly prepared breakfast items. And take home a dozen Model Bakery English muffins!


Costeaux French Bakery  |  Healdsburg, Santa Rosa

Costeaux French Bakery  |  Healdsburg, Santa Rosa

Costeaux French Bakery, currently marking its 100th year, is a Sonoma County Icon, famous for its quality, freshness, and legendary award-winning artisan breads. Their café menu is tantalizing, with a significant selection of mouth-watering dishes. Breakfast, lunch, coffee and a croissant, whatever you order, don’t forget to try (or take home) dessert! Their French macarons have won the best cookie at the Sonoma Country Harvest Fair. This is a definite destination breakfast (and more) eatery. And, as dedicated as they are to putting the best breakfast/lunch foods, breads and desserts in front of you, they are just as dedicated to the local community. “At Costeaux we are focused on local education, family cultural programs, and nutritional support for those experiencing food insecurity.” Two words: “Just go!”


Sunflower Caffe  |  Sonoma

Sunflower Caffe  |  Sonoma

Sunflower Caffe, on the Sonoma Plaza, will not only start your day out with fresh, delicious fare but also give you a dose of local history, as the building is Historic Landmark #501 – the home of Captain Salvador Vallejo. Sporting a beautiful, relaxing outdoor garden setting, order from the fresh, seasonal menu. Don’s favorite was the Summer Squash & Sweet Corn Scramble, and I must admit, we ended our breakfast with a Double 8 Dairy Softserve Gelato (salted caramel), made of milk from the water buffaloes that roam the hills of Western Sonoma County. In addition to using fresh, local, sustainable ingredients, Sunflower Caffe has a “no tipping” policy. Dedicated to their employees and community, they apply a 15% “health and happiness” surcharge to your order to benefit their employees. So, start your day off with tasty food that’s good for you, while you “do good” for the people of the community that are serving you.


Valley Bar + Bottle  |  Sonoma

Valley Bar + Bottle  |  Sonoma

Valley Bar + Bottle is a a neighborhood restaurant, wine bar, and bottle shop. Open Thursday through Monday,  from 9 am to 9 pm with a small break from 3 to 5. Valley offers simple house-made pastries and light breakfast items every morning from 9 am to 11 am, including granola, bagels and breakfast sandwiches. From 11 am to 3 pm, Valley offers weekday lunch and a full brunch service on the weekends. Valley's seasonal menu is centered around local produce from farms and excellent purveyors. Valley serves wine and beer, has a  full-service coffee program including espresso drinks, matcha and teas, and various non-alcoholic drinks.

These are just a handful of the unique options to discover as you begin your day in wine country! Come explore, enjoy, and be amazed at all the different and enticing breakfast options that await you to start your amazing day!

Bon Appetit!




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